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Held in downtown Silver Spring, the exciting parade traditionally heralds the start of the holiday season.

The parade steps off from Ellsworth Drive and Fenton Street and proceeds south on Georgia Avenue, ending at Silver Spring Avenue.

Attention: Northbound and Southbound Georgia will be closed from Colesville Road to East West Highway.

Start Date: June 2014 Projected Completion Date: February 2016 Completion Date: February 2016 Start Date: February 2016 Projected Completion Date: November 2016 Completion Date: February 2017 Start Date: March 2017 Projected Completion Date: September 2018 Understand how we build parks.

In response to concerns expressed on this blog and others, we first and foremost wanted to make sure that the material we used would not induce traction loss when wet.

Another important concern has been the durability and long term sustainability of the colorization.

The Inn has been featured in commercials, TLC channel reality show, Southern Living magazine, and most recently PBS documentary Originally, in 1889, the property started as a city block subdivision that was sold off and developed by several different owners.

The Inn was built as a Colonial Revival steamboat Gothic style home with additional Carriage House.

The in-the-works Historic Core hotel formerly known as the Lizard In Los Angeles is inching toward construction.

Preliminary Engineering 703-259-2239 This project will widen East Spring Street from four to six lanes from just west of Herndon Parkway to Fairfax County Parkway.

The Spring Street buffered green bike lane represents a major step forward for bicycling infrastructure in Los Angeles.

The bike lane and its green pavement, along with the 4′ painted buffer alongside it, provide bicyclists with enhanced visual separation from motor vehicle travel lanes. is truly a complete street, serving bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users, as well as motorists.

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When the Department first looked at doing green bike lanes, we reached out to our colleagues from a number of cities including Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, New York City, NY, San Francisco, CA, and Long Beach, CA to find out what their greening experiences have been like.Since 1999, we have acquired 3 acres of the remaining subdivision, as well as the history, and have plans for future additions to our Inn.