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Another source was Norman Podhoretz, editor of the magazine Commentary from 1960 to 1995.

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Applicants with an undergraduate degree in a non-business related major can also apply for the MBA program, subject to prerequisite course requirement.Regardless of how you attend classes, with an MBA from Webster University, you’ll be equipped to help solve a wide variety of business problems right out of the gate.For those who want a more specialized degree plan, we offer 4 specific areas of emphasis for your MBA. According to a study by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 75 percent of companies said they planned to hire MBA graduates. At Webster University, we incorporate small classes, personal attention, corporate partners and an international perspective to develop our students into knowledgeable business managers and executives who are prepared for the fast-changing, global business environment.During the Cold War they continued to oppose Stalinism and to endorse democracy. As the policies of the New Left made the Democrats increasingly leftist, these intellectuals became disillusioned with President Lyndon B. The influential 1970 bestseller The Real Majority by Ben Wattenberg expressed that the "real majority" of the electorate endorsed economic liberalism but also social conservatism, and warned Democrats it could be disastrous to adopt liberal positions on certain social and crime issues.

The neoconservatives rejected the counterculture New Left, and what they considered anti-Americanism in the non-interventionism of the activism against the Vietnam War.

Norman Podhoretz's magazine Commentary of the American Jewish Committee, originally a journal of liberalism, became a major publication for neoconservatives during the 1970s.