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11-Jan-2018 21:47

Config, thus the Web DAV settings can be set correctly (by setting at the IIS Server level first), but still not picked up as the right settings by SCCM.

To work around this modify the IIS application Host.

Even though the WWW Service and IIS Admin service is started, the Default Web Site may not be started.

If you cannot start the Default Web Site and get the error message “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”, then it is likely that another application is using port 80 or port 443 on the server.

no ETA on a 2012 article yet – but we will get around to it!

* There are a few common issues with SCCM State Migration Points (SMPs) or Management Points (MPs) that either prevent the installation of the site system component, or causes them not to function correctly.

One of my employees/mates – Jon Lambert, has written the below article, and kindly given me permission to post on my blog….

* Update 18/04/2013 – This article was written for SCCM 2007, not 2012….

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During the MP/SMP install, it checks IIS Configuration and expects to find the “Default Web Site”, if it doesn’t find it, it fails the validation of IIS with a “0x80004005” error.

Issue 1: SMP and MP are not responding, and you see Status Messages like: “SMP/MP is not responding to HTTP requests: The http status code and text is 401, Unauthorized” Issue Cause A: This is most likely happening on a Windows Server 2003 server and is being caused by the IIS IUSR_Machine Name account being denied access to the SMP/MP virtual directory.