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“They go to your store as a couple and they want the bed. Some are different - they look at all the animations and they send you a notecard: ‘I like this model, I want it in pink or red’.But most sales happen in a flash.” Linden Lab used to offer two main grids: one for adults only, and another for teens. “If you go into that world there are endless opportunities.I stopped playing FIFA and Co D and all that crap that wouldn’t take anyone anywhere, and [my friends] all criticised me.I kept telling them: ‘One day this thing is going to get me a lot of money’.Once Pires had designed and sold one piece of furniture - a bed, jacuzzi or chaise longue - there were no material costs involved in selling it again, and again, and again.He could afford to hire a sales team on a generous commission - 50% - to go forth and find customers, knowing that happy buyers and their friends would right-click on the item, see Pires’ name, and come back to him directly for subsequent purchases.And after his first day of eavesdropping, he was ready to learn about the birds and the bees. Within three days, Pires was the coffee shop’s manager. Virtual patrons don’t buy espressos or paninis, it transpires, and so the shop was getting by on tips - in-game currency placed into a jar as a show of support. Second Life developers Linden Lab make their money by selling regions - sims - to users, and those users sublet those regions in chunks as ‘parcels’.Kelly was a tenant, and her coffee shop wasn’t nearly successful enough to make rent.

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He watched his customers emoting - expressing actions through text commands, describing their environments “in a way that is actually like reading a book”. She explained that everything Pires saw was built by residents.Buoyed by initial success and with Kelly’s blessing, he rented his own spot within an art gallery and began selling sets of furniture.

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