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If there is a “realistic possibility” that you will pass on HIV to your sex partner during sex, you have a legal duty to tell your sex partner that you have HIV before you have sex.A person with a criminal record may not be able to travel to some countries. If he is not a Canadian citizen, immigration authorities may be able to deport him.

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It explains when you have a legal duty to disclose your HIV infection to the guys you have sex with.

The original guide was written by gay men living with HIV for: Here are the meanings of some of the words and phrases in this guide: AIDS – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Disclosure – to tell someone HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV disclosure – to tell someone that you are infected with HIV Poz – HIV-positive (a person who has HIV) STI – a sexually transmitted infection, also known as a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and syphilis are examples of STIs. For many people who have access to good-quality medical care and treatment, HIV is now a chronic, manageable infection. Without proper medical care and treatment HIV can still lead to serious illness and death.

Up until the end of 2012, as far as we know, there were approximately 155 legal cases in Canada where individuals were criminally prosecuted for not disclosing their HIV infection to their partners before sex.

Of these, about 30 cases involved men who were prosecuted for allegedly not disclosing their HIV infection to other men before sex.

And we know that HIV can be transmitted during sex.