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I guess I'm 'out,' but people ask me what my sexuality is all the time and I always tell them that it doesn’t matter, we’re not in a sexual situation so you don’t need to know." In his memoir, 'Tainted Life: The Autobiography,' the openly-gay Almond disputed being categorized as a "gay artist." "It enables people to marginalize your work and reduce its importance, implying that it won't be of any interest to anyone who isn't gay," he wrote.

Although Ditto is an outspoken, proud lesbian these days, she was very uncomfortable with her sexuality as a teenager.

She told 'Starpulse,' "I used to pray to get pregnant when I was 18. I did not want to face that truth and I used to pray to God that I would just get pregnant." Before he turned to reality TV, Ru Paul released two dance albums in the 1990s and spawned the hit single "Supermodel (You Better Work)." Ru Paul, who describes himself as an introvert when not in makeup, truly is the queen of drag queens.

He recently told Access Hollywood about the love of his life: “There’s a man… We split up, but we’ve never really quite split up. He has a ranch in Wyoming.” The openly-gay synthpop singer revealed he was HIV-positive in 2004, and said he had known since 1998.

It isn't the first time the K-pop scene has shown support on social media, as many stars did when Paris was attacked by terrorists in November 2015.

The only difference here is that some stars have begun deleting their well wishes and they all seem to have one correlation: gay iconography.

The closest mention we get to a LGBTQ-positive statement came from Brian's hashtag, "#godlovesusall." Fuse has reached out to representatives of G-Dragon, Jo Kwon and Yubin for comment on the deleted posts.

In a statement, he wrote, "Being HIV-positive does not mean that you have AIDS.

My life expectancy should be the same as anyone else's, so there is no need to panic.

See a screen shot below: Yet the post was later deleted and new photos were posted including one of a journal showcasing the words "HATE LESS" written inside and G-Dragon captioning the post with "MORE LOVE." It could have been a nod to the LGBTQ community who were the victims of the aforementioned hate crime, but it also could have been a general statement for love.

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Meanwhile Jokwon, who is a member of vocal quartet 2AM, shared a photo of a rainbow flag that was also captioned with the hashtag "#prayfororlando." See a screen shot:also notes that Yubin of Wonder Girls shared a rainbow heart on Instagram and captioned it with "#prayfororlando" only to also take it down.Openly gay and defying gender roles and stereotypes daily, on AND off stage, Freedia is living proof that hard work and remaining true to yourself always pay off in the end.k.d.