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03-Nov-2017 20:52

Technologically speaking, there are approximately 19 million land line phones, 43.6 million cellular phones, and 12.284 million internet users— this is quite a juxtaposition to think that relatively so many have have internet of those who are technologically able.(I curious to know how usage breaks down by businesses, homes, etc.) It would be safe to say that these numbers are growing rapidly and are likely outdated since the time of the last survey (2005, 2006).Rumor of a Google buy out of the Student Social Network (Student SN.com) has been making the rounds this fall, but to date, its administrators say they have not been contacted for discussion.Student Social Network co-founder So why is it so hard to make conclusions about technology penetration in countries like Turkey?But these numbers alone don’t do enough to distinguish Turkey as the number one fastest growing Facebook network. Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman tells us that while Facebook is the 7th most visited website in the world, it is the 5th most visited site in Turkey.

That’s a growth of 5,100 over about four hours, higher even than Israel’s 1,700 for the same period of time. Please note that unlike the Israel network where conversation is in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, I can’t tell you anything about the content or activity of the Turkey network because I don’t speak Turkish.

One quarter of those individuals are between the ages of 15 and 29– prime Facebook age.

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