11 year old dating 16 year old

05-Jan-2018 14:45

But "dating" at our age is not taken as seriously as real dating is.

Dating at our age is a crush, or a very good friend of the opposite gender.

I think that as long as you and your child have discussed this situation, you should be fine. Though I wouldnt say it was peer pressure, though that was present.

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Second, make household rules about dating and make them stick for every child in your home.

So far,they havent gone out anywhere like on a date and they just hang around and watch movies and play video games.

The daughter finially made her First holy communion last sunday[may 4th] and i was a nervous wreck all day!

the WORST thing you can do is try to stop her because my parents tried too and we had a bad relationship for a really long time until they realized couldn't stop me because i snuck out in the middle of the night just too see her so just support her and set SOME ground rules between like 3-5 i will be on more if you have any questions Hi,my daughter is 12 and in the 6th grade and has a 14 year old boyfriend in the 8th grade!

she has started puberty and i am worried her getting really hung up on the boy.

Does she mean that she wants to sit next to him in class, or go to movies alone?